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The Main Exhibit Room at the University of Arizona


With a collection of over 3500 specimens the U of A Mineral Hall hosts a top notch collection from all around the globe.
With the emphasis being on the minerals of Arizona, many of the great collectors have specimens on loan to the University.

Greeting you at the entrance is the first  Copper Anode from Kennacotts rat smelter in Hayden and this large piece of float Copper
from Ajo.

A huge Wulfenite from the Glove Mine.
As fragile as these specimens are, can you imagine trying to lug out a 2'x2' specimen with attached matrix?

This is the largest floater of Azurite from the 'clay pocket' in Bisbee we have seen. It was perfect all the way around
and about the size of a baseball! Well, maybe a little smaller.

  needles of Malachite .

Calcite 'birds nest'
There was also a case of Chinese minerals downstairs that didn't fit in the upstairs cabinets.
Nice heart twin of Calcite.

Piece of candy!
Super lustrous Pyromorphite from the Bunker Hill Mine.
Giant plate of Wulfenite with Mimetite from the San Francisco Mine.

Azurite , Bisbee


Because of load times of big photos I have decided to split the gallery up into three parts.